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Seeking Secular Marriage

A Letter to BC Political Party Leaders for the 2020 Provincial Election Dear Party Leaders, I am president of Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists Association and a member of the BC Humanists and I live in Kelowna. Here in British Columbia, there is a growing number of people like myself who derive their ethics through a rational and reasonable thought […]

Federal Liberals revive bill that seeks to outlaw forced LGBTQ conversion therapy

OTTAWA – The federal Liberals have reintroduced a bill that would ban forcing children or adults to undergo therapy aimed at altering their sexual orientation or gender identity. The government had previously introduced the legislation in March, just before Parliament shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then their decision to prorogue in August […]

Venus discovery hints at life in sky

Source: Pentication Herald, 2020-09-17 by Ken Tapping If you have ever spent a summer night by a beaver pond or boggy area you may have seen brief, greenish-white flickering flames. If so, you have seen Will-o’-the Wisp. In English folklore he is a nasty-minded little elven creature whose hobby is to lure ignorant travellers further […]

Lori Foster’s Interview with BC Humanist

Lori Foster, the chair of the Greater Good Committee (GGC), talks with Ian Bushfield of BC humanist about possible volunteer or fundraising activities in which the KASHA members would like to participate. ————————————————————– Ian Bushfield, of BC Humanist, Interviews Lori Foster of the KASHA’s Greater Good Committee

Greater Good Update 2020/05/18

Report from the Greater Good Committee – by Lori Foster Hi All: I hope everyone is doing well and coping in the current situation. The Greater Good Committee has been discussing, by email, ways that our members may be able to help even though we can’t volunteer as a group. If you have been able […]

Tania’s Autumnal Reading List!

I’m usually taken aback when I have conversations similar to the one I had yesterday afternoon. It was my day off, and I went out for lunch by myself. It was a spontaneous lunch out, but of course I had a book with me (those who know me somewhat well know that I’m seldom without […]


written by John Waddington Why do we have religions?  They are everywhere.  In the present we are down to a few big ones, but it wasn’t always that way.  It seems that our ancestors had belief in many gods – explanations for the operations of the world around them that they did not understand, which was […]