Amnesty International’s Write for Rights

For years, I have wanted to participate in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights events. But it always felt a little intimidating to be writing letters to powerful politicians around the world! Last week, I was finally able to attend the local Write for Rights with other KASHA members through our Greater Good Group. In the two hours, we each wrote 3-4 letters from the 10 cases presented. We put our hearts into it and empathized with the devasting circumstances of these young people around our world. Wendy shared my initial sentiment when she first heard of the event but afterwards said that other people interested should “not be scared of it, just copy.” And, that we did! I was concerned that if I deviated from the sample letters, I would write something that would cause further problems for the prisoners. I mentioned my fear to the Amnesty International’s organizer, and she was quick to dismiss my worries. Despite her assurances, we still stuck to the script this time.  We plan to write more personal letters next year now that we know how it works. Darrel, another KASHA member in attendance said, “It felt good to be part of ‘Write for Rights’ and to use pen and paper. I enjoyed participating.” This is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together! Check out pictures from our first Greater Good event on the KASHA website and coverage of Write for Rights in the Capital News. If there is a charity or non-profit event that you have always wanted to be part of and would like to do it with other KASHA members, email us at and our committee will help you to organize.