KASHA Game of Trivialities Tuesday 7pm

KASHA Game of Trivialities Tuesday 7pm

December 29, 2020

·         Meeting Dates: Tuesday, Dec.  29.

·         Meeting Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm

·         Link to ZOOM Trivia night Click HERE

Meeting ID: 812 5983 3065
Passcode: 081245

·         ZOOM Meeting Protocols: The link should be all one needs to log on, whereupon each Attendee will be placed in a Waiting Room until I admit them. This essentially is a ZOOM security protocol.

·         KASHA Trivia: We will have rounds of 5 questions with a total of 20-25 questions. We will be breaking out into groups of 3-4 digital square people to answer the questions. The group that wins will get the Game of KASHA Trivialities Crowns till the next game. And it goes without saying, you can't use digital or analog products to answer the questions. Contestants are bound by the KASHA honor code....blood will be spilled if you break it.

·         KASHA Trivia host: Nina George

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