Secular Humanist Thinkers' Cafe - OUTSIDE in West Kelowna (IV)

Secular Humanist Thinkers' Cafe - OUTSIDE in West Kelowna (IV)

September 22, 2022

Please join us for a casual and friendly discussion of secular humanism, history, politics, and culture, at a physical distance.

We will be meeting at the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park.  This park is on Whitworth Road which is accessed by Gellatly Road South.  Gellatly Road South connects Highway 97 at the interchange by Gorman's Mill to The Cove, which is on the lake.

KASHA follows the COVID guidelines laid out by the BC health authorities and therefore will not require vaccination to attend events and activities after 7 April 2022. However, given that many KASHA members are at a higher risk than the general population, it is preferred that attendees be fully vaccinated against COVID 19.

Please bring your own coffee and muffin; we cannot share food.

Please bring your own lawn chair.

We will be meeting near the picnic table which is closest to the washrooms.  We will have a  sign on the table.

We will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park
2375 Whitworth Road
West Kelowna, BC V4T 2K3

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