Starting the Greater Good Committee

Starting the Greater Good Committee

October 18, 2019

Come to the first meeting - Friday, October 18-11:30am, Urban Fare Cafe, Mission Area, Kelowna.

A sure fire evidence based way to find meaning in one's life is to help others. And since we are secular, we can reap the rewards of helping others in this life instead of waiting for god's approval in heaven.

The KASHA board would like to start the Greater Good Committee (GGC) that will look into possible volunteer activities, or fundraisers that KASHA members would like to participate in.

The GGC would organize and recruit the volunteers for the chosen activities that fall within KASHA's mandate. So, we won't be fundraising with the Homeopaths without Borders group.

Possibilities: Adopt a HighwayTeam Volunteering at Kelowna Food Bank,  Group Donating, choosing team fundraising activities such as: Ovarian Cancer Walk, Playing Scrabble Fundraiser.

Of course, the prospects are endless and as a group, volunteering with KASHA shows that Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists are here in Kelowna and we provide a greater good for everyone.

The more people volunteer for small organizing parts in KASHA, the larger impact we can have as a group.

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