Why I Divorced Religion and Became A None

Why I Divorced Religion and Became A None

September 17, 2019

The KASHA Forum is a monthly, topical-facilitated, small-group discussion with dinner and drinks.

Like the last forum the evening will commence at 6:00 pm with time for a meal and some social interaction before delving into our topic. Come and join us for what should be an informative evening!

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For this forum Janice Selbie, a former centerfold in Billy Graham's Decision Magazine, will be sharing her extimony and deconstruction after 40+ years as an evangelical fundamentalist, as well as discussing the Divorcing Religion Workshop and the upcoming Conference On Religious Trauma.

Lots of changes, both hard and humorous.

Janice Selbie RPCCFounder Divorcing Religion Workshop, RTS survivor

As a former evangelical fundamentalist of over 40 years, Janice is passionate about helping others who are experiencing the losses associated with religious de-conversion. Her own painful experiences influenced Janice to become a professional counsellor and develop the Divorcing Religion Workshop, so that others can gain the tools to help with their own journey out of fundamentalist religions.



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