UBC scientist paved the way for groundbreaking mRNA COVID vaccines

UBC researcher developed the packaging for the vaccine’s payload that delivers it to our cells

Pieter Cullis is a professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of British Colombia.  He developed an essential technology for the most successful COVID vaccines. (Paul Joseph/UBC)

Every week, more Canadians are rolling up their sleeves to get the shot that will protect them against COVID-19.

One of the breakout vaccine technologies of this pandemic are the mRNA vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna.  Those were some of the earliest vaccines out of the gate because of how easy they are to create.  They also work incredibly well.

Delivering these vaccines into our bodies would not have been possible without the work of Pieter Cullis, a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of British Columbia.

Quirks & Quarks host Bob McDonald spoke with Prof. Cullis about his technology.

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