Bernie Nordquist

Name: JB (Bernie) Nordquist

Birthplace: Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario (On the Port Arthur side when it was still the twin cities)

What type of work have you done?

I moved at an early age to a small town northeast of Thunder Bay called Beardmore and grew up there. I started work at an early age in the mines which was one of the two options available. I worked for a short period underground and then moved into the processing plant where I became immersed in the cyanidation and amalgamation of gold and silver ores. Formal school ended at grade ten, but I continued with courses offered by the Ministry of Education and completed my grade twelve. After the mine closed, I trained and became a telegrapher operator for the CN and moved to Capreol, Ont. While in the Sudbury area, I attended university but had to drop out after two years under the pressure of supporting a family. A number of jobs followed for a period. Building construction, tax preparer, insurance salesman, junior training accountant, carpet sales, orderly at a home for the aged, drug rehabilitation counselor. After moving to British Columbia, I trained and obtained a ticket as a power engineer. Obtained a position in building administration for the federal government later obtaining accreditation in building administration.

While in my late thirties, I quit smoking through hypnosis. That piqued my interest! I studied under the Hypnosis Institute and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a side accreditation in Neural Linguistic Programming.

I practiced part-time for ten years until I retired and then full-time for fifteen years.

That’s probably the most interesting thing I have done in my life.

How would you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality?

Atheist. In terms of spirituality, for which there are different interpretations, I find myself immersed in the myriad of different life forms on our planet. A lot of which most know very little.

What are some of your reasons for joining?

Well, no Christian really wants to discuss their religion and the few that did I discovered knew very little about it. For me, being able to discuss a topic I have studied for years is a treat.

What were some of the defining moments that led you to the point where you are now, in a religious/spiritual sense?

I started questioning at Sunday school at a very early age. Questions regarding creation as depicted in the bible didn’t make any sense to me. I think I drove the pastor to distraction when I questioned him on Noah’s Ark. How did they keep the animals apart and safe when some were natural predators? Were the birds caged?

Who cleaned up after the animals and that must have been a very big job?

Just how big was the ark?

The concept of an all-powerful God who knew everything I did and even everything I thought at every moment and demanded that I follow his every command or I would be subject to an eternity of hellfire and damnation, but he loved me, was the moment I became an atheist. That process dictated a lifelong study of the total subject of religion. I have been an atheist for most of my life.