Israel and Palestine: A Land of ‘One God’ and Conflict

Our favorite Abrahamic god has once again decided not to intervene in the genocide that is being conducted by his followers.

The Far Right Colonial Power, supposedly not the terrorists, who have been cutting off land, power, water, and medical supplies for decades, have now stepped up to their true calling, and have completely cut off everything to their ‘enemies’, the civilians who have been pushed to the brink and have been slowly losing their land and resources.

Far Right governments are never terrorists even if they kill more people in a gradual genocidal process that has been approved by the Western Powers.
There is no simple solution to terrorism in the name of god and extraction of resources.

I have made a list of some interesting videos and articles below to further understand the ongoing battle for resources in the Middle East:

This year, Israel is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its founding in 1948. But how exactly was that country born on land that was already called Palestine? This is a 14 minute video on the start of Israeli Neocolonial Terrorism –  How Israel Was Created Click HERE

This video is another description on how Palestinians were expelled from their land, or the Palestinian catastrophe explained.: Click HERE

There’s undoubtedly a very special relationship between Israel and the United States. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in the British Mandate of Palestine, the two countries have had deep ideological, political and spiritual ties. This unique relationship between the two has resulted in shielding Israel from criticism and accountability for its occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for over seven decades.  This is a really good video in understanding the marketing of ‘Israeli exceptionalism’ and why it is accepted in the West. Click HERE

Short explanation by Noam Chomsky on why the US supports Israel: Click HERE

This chart shows every person killed in the Israel-Palestine conflict from the United Nations: Click HERE

Why did Hamas invade Israel? – Click HERE

Israel-Palestine conflict from Aljazeera – Click HERE

How Israeli Apartheid Destroyed Palestine. A Palestinian woman shows what it is like to visit her homeland – Click HERE