Darrel Lewis

Name: Darrel Lewis

Birthplace: Moncton, New Brunswick.  I grew up on a dairy farm near Salisbury, NB.

What type of work have you done?

I trained as a computer programmer and as an Electronic Technologist.  I retired from Enmax Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary, in 2012.  Enmax is a utility company that generates and distributes electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy to customers in Alberta.  I worked as an Electronics Engineering Technologist with Enmax for 25 years and, before that, with Dresser Industries for 17 years.

How would you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality?

What are some of your reasons for joining?
My wife, Wendy, and I were members of CFI, for years, in Calgary.  When we moved to West Kelowna, we wanted to join the local group to engage with similarly-minded people.

What were some of the defining moments that led you to the point where you are now, in a religious/spiritual sense?

I was raised in a very strict Baptist family surrounded by religious relatives on both sides.  I had always questioned their beliefs and thought that the whole religion business had to be a fairy tale.  I have three siblings; of the four of us, three are atheist.