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How did the federal candidates answer the KASHA survey?

Daniel Mallett, KASHA board member, decided to ask our federal candidates questions that would be of interest to KASHA members. Each candidate had access to a survey on our website. Here are the results: Here is the list of everyone I contacted: Name Party Riding Marc Reinarz Green North Okanagan-Shuswap Cindy Derkaz Liberal North Okanagan-Shuswap […]

Divorcing Religion and Recovering from Religious Trauma

Many people who grew up in strict religious or dogmatic family situations are essentially brainwashed as they grow up. They are taught a very narrow vision of how the world works and anyone not part of the group think are either enemies of the ‘paradise’, or lost souls which need to be saved . Leaving […]

Keepsake Notebooks….

In my mom’s apartment, there is a desk with a not-quite-matching chair. On a shelf above the desk, a bit to the right, there are now about a dozen notebooks. The notebooks are similar in size – about 6″ by 8″ and about 100 pages each. They’re different colours, and some are plain while others have patterned covers. They’re cheap […]

Daniel Mallett

Birthplace:  Edmonton, Alberta What type of work do you do? You mean when I’m not busy volunteering for the KASHA board?  I’m a computer scientist by education so pay the bills designing enterprise software systems and fixing them when they inevitably break. Those who say AI will take over the world need to see a […]

Tea Bag Tag Advice for a New Year

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in years, and this year wasn’t an exception. It’s too much of a guarantee and too much of a letdown that the momentum of that resolution will run out by about January 8. If I haven’t been able to conquer some ongoing unhealthy habit for months or perhaps […]

The Mystery of the Missing Horoscope

I regularly read local news on Castanet, but was always dismayed to see the Horoscope section prominently displayed along with important news. So, I decided to write to Castanet. Maybe my letter was never even opened. Maybe it was one of many that were sent in. Maybe it was the little push needed to convince editors […]

Commercialism… The True Meaning of Christmas?

Being an Atheist, my husband often talks about the ridiculousness of holidays like Christmas. “So, you don’t want any gifts?” I’d ask him. Turns out he only wants the gifts. It was true – we were mainly celebrating the commercialism part of Christmas. Sure, we were slightly more generous over the Christmas holidays but that […]

Daily Courier columnist right about prayers at council meetings

Previously published in Daily Courier  Nov. 21 Editor: I want to congratulate Ron Seymour on his thoughtful, and in my opinion enlightened, piece in The Daily Courier’s Nov 5 edition regarding prayers at inaugurations. It is high time all our town and city councils comply with the Supreme Court ruling against prayer in the public […]

Secular Gratitude

Do you ever find yourself in an awkward position where a spiritual grace is being said and you are conflicted about whether you should bow your head, clasp your hands, and close your eyes…out of ‘respect’ or a feeling of some sort of obligation? Holiday season means more family dinners and company work parties… what […]

Educational Links from Electoral Reform Discussion

On October 26th, we had Dr. Andrew Irvine (No-PR) and Dr. Wayne Broughton (Yes- PR) present their perspectives on the upcoming referendum on changing our electoral system from First Past the Post to a form of Proportional Representation. They have kindly shared their references from their respective presentations.  Elections BC must RECEIVE your ballot before […]