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The Stockhom Syndrome with the Queen and the Pope

I have been pondering the fascination by many people for Queen Elizabeth’s death and by the recent visit by the Catholic Pope. What is interesting to me is that there are so many Atheists or Humanists who absolutely hate the Catholic Pope for his religious power, but are either neutral, kind of dislike, or love […]

Why Words Matter: Theism – Atheism – Agnosticism

I am a firm believer in building understanding about the world we live in, and in actively seeking to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible. I also believe that the truest path to understanding lies in the exchange of ideas and perspectives with other humans. By talking to other […]

Doug Skeggs

Name: Doug Skeggs Birthplace: Montreal What type of work have you done? Early on I picked apples and tobacco to make some money. Pay was pretty good on tobacco, not so good on apples. My education background is in journalism, and I worked as a journalist in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta early in my working […]

Jan Goss

Name: Jan Goss Birthplace: Willowdale (Toronto), Ontario (but was raised in Kelowna) What type of work have you done? My first job was picking fruit in Kelowna. I then went to College Heights (near Lacombe, near Red Deer), Alberta. I took 2 programs there (religion and electronics). During that time, I worked at grounds, janitorial, […]

Racialized Atheist/Agnostic Discussion Group…Why

When the Orange guy was elected US president in 2016, I woke up in the morning and I went for a walk in my relatively safe Kelowna Mission neighbourhood. But I felt different, I was scared all of a sudden. I felt that someone in my neighbourhood was going to tell me that I should […]


“The unexpected will certainly happen, while the anticipated may never come.”  Nisargadatta Maharaj Does that sound like an appropriate saying for 2020? Does that sound like an appropriate saying for life in general? It seems that as time go on, I’m nodding my head in agreement more vehemently than I did a few years ago […]

Carol Taylor’s Bequest to the Okanagan Library on Gender Diversity, Reproductive Choice and Sexual Health Books for Youth

Carol Taylor’s Bequest to the Okanagan Library on Gender Diversity, Reproductive Choice and Sexual Health Books for Youth – Now Available The Okanagan Regional Library (ORL) has received several new incredible, informational and educational books for youth thanks to a bequest from Carol Taylor via the Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists Association (KASHA). Carol Taylor […]

Conspiracy theories require a couple of things to function

I was curious how Qanon type folk would adapt the conspiracy theory, now that Trump has lost. It’s certainly been the case that since the election, “Q” has been silent, which is unusual given that “Q” – whoever that is – is normally quite active when big things like elections happen. If you’ve spent any […]

Jesus Billboards and Confederate Statues – What do they have in common?

I was watching a short video about the history of Confederate statues. The video was very enlightening because the speaker traces how the Confederate flag and Confederate statues were not actually put up right after the Civil War; they were put up much later in the 1920’s and 1950’s when White Southerners were feeling threatened by […]