Darwin anniversary worth celebrating

Originally published in the Daily Courier on Feburary 13, 2016

To the editor,

Friday marked the anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin in 1809, and 157 years since he published his ground-breaking book, On The Origin of Species, and yet we still have irresponsible preachers convincing their gullible followers he got it all wrong.

 Apparently, according to an alarming number of people in our community, God created everything around 6,000 years ago, so evolution cannot possibly be correct.

This, in spite of overwhelming and constantly accumulating evidence to the contrary.

Churches that promote this young-earth creationist nonsense need to stop spreading their appalling ignorance, especially to the young.

While the Bible contains much that is worth reading, it simply is not a reliable source of information

Seventeenth-century Bishop Ussher and others were flat out wrong in calculating the creation of earth, based on certain verses in the Bible, to be 4004 BCE.

Even brilliant scientist Isaac Newton wasted many years trying to determine the return of Jesus according to the Bible. Every time he came up with a date, it passed with no re-appearance. He really should have stuck to science.

Churches and the people who run them are given far too much respect by the public and by governments.

It is time they changed and dragged themselves and their flock into the 21st century. While they are at it, they should pay their full share of taxes.

Guy King, Kelowna