The Mystery of the Missing Horoscope

I regularly read local news on Castanet, but was always dismayed to see the Horoscope section prominently displayed along with important news.

So, I decided to write to Castanet.

Maybe my letter was never even opened. Maybe it was one of many that were sent in. Maybe it was the little push needed to convince editors to ditch this primitive superstition. Who knows.

Anyways below is the letter I sent in. At last check there was no longer a horoscope section on the Castanet website. I have no idea if this is permanent or temporary. For now I say Yay!

Cheers and Happy 2019!
Andrew P in Kelowna

Dear Castanet,
Really appreciate the awesome local news and events found on Castanet with one exception.

IMHO the horoscope section lowers the quality and professionalism of your fantastic site.

Please consider that the false statements and fake predictions by horoscopes do more harm than good.

They tend to discourage people from facing real issues in their lives and leaving it up to the “stars”.

It’s 2018, the middle ages are over, the world is not flat, and all of the constellations have moved out of their “set” positions hundreds of years ago.

Let’s honor human progress and the memory of people like Stephen Hawking by not reducing our existance to being dependent on wild superstition instead of actual science.

Otherwise I fear we’ll next be reading a Castanet article about  “Jesus appeared on my toast!”

Andrew P. in Kelowna