Divorcing Religion and Recovering from Religious Trauma

Many people who grew up in strict religious or dogmatic family situations are essentially brainwashed as they grow up. They are taught a very narrow vision of how the world works and anyone not part of the group think are either enemies of the ‘paradise’, or lost souls which need to be saved .

Leaving indoctrination also means leaving a community behind. Leaving family and friends who may not understand one’s new journey is scary and traumatic.

KASHA member, Janice Selbie, has created an online workshop called Divorcing Religion and is currently organizing a conference on religious trauma, C.O.R.T., in Vancouver on April 2020.

Janice was recently interviewed by CBC and she discusses her Divorcing Religion workshop and the Conference on Religious Trauma. You can listen to her interview by clicking the above audio link.

If you are a KASHA member, you can get $60 off per ticket to the Conference On Religious Trauma. Join KASHA HERE and we will send you the code for the C.O.R.T. discount.