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KASHA Supports SOGI Education Policies

The Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists Association (KASHA) has become concerned with the misinformation being spread regarding the inclusion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policies and education in BC schools. The decision by school districts to utilize SOGI 123, a collection of tools and resources for educators, resulted from the BC Ministry of […]

Homeopathy – Diluted Remedies

By Andre Picard – The Globe and Mail “Homeopathy was conceived by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century. It is based on the belief that “like cures like“ and that the dilution and shaking of a substance – a process called “potentiation” – renders it not weaker but stronger. Homeopaths believe that the water […]

Dave Robinson

Name: Dave Robinson Birthplace: Vancouver, BC What type of work have you done? I trained as a geologist at university (UBC); however, my working life has been in the Canadian military. I lived in a number of locations across Canada and had a number of different jobs before retiring to Kelowna in 2016 after 30 […]

Breaking the Romance Rules

There are the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid…and, of course, the men they fall in love with and — depending on which versions of the stories you happen to read — live with happily ever after.  And there is the story that I’m most familiar with: Christian Girl Meets and Marries […]

Faith Groups Must Respect Human Rights

Kelowna Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (KASHA) applauds the recent efforts of the federal government to restrict funding for the Canada Summer Jobs program to those groups who agree to respect human rights, including reproductive and LGBTQ rights. Freedom of religion and belief are fundamental freedoms in Canada that KASHA fully supports, but that support does […]

Darrel Lewis

Name: Darrel Lewis Birthplace: Moncton, New Brunswick.  I grew up on a dairy farm near Salisbury, NB. What type of work have you done? I trained as a computer programmer and as an Electronic Technologist.  I retired from Enmax Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The City of Calgary, in 2012.  Enmax is a utility company that generates […]

Moving Through New Doors in 2017

In a few weeks, another year will be drawing to a close. 2017 was pretty good for me. In my little world, some somewhat significant things happened: my family finally met The Handy-Man; I moved into my own place after living with roommates for four years; I started volunteering at ReStore (Habitat for Humanity); seemingly […]


It’s been a year of reunions in my tiny corner of the universe. Two weeks ago, four of us former employees of XYZ Funeral Chapel gathered at my kitchen table for our third annual reunion. In August, I met with a friend from my past, whom I hadn’t communicated with in over three years. Also […]

A Heartfelt Reply

Recently I received an email/sermon from a somewhat-young-to-middle-aged person in my circle of friends and family members. The email arrived in my inbox not completely out-of-the-blue, because we’d talked briefly on the phone about a week before and we generally do keep in contact somewhat regularly. But the intensity of the message was a surprise to […]


My world has expanded. I am seeing a bigger picture now. There is so much is out there, out in the real world. My focus used to be so narrow!   Those are some of the phrases that I catch myself thinking and saying nowadays, as “post-Christian Tania” who has settled more into this life and is […]