Skeptics In the Pub - Baxter’s Bar & Grill (IV)

Skeptics In the Pub - Baxter’s Bar & Grill (IV)

August 22, 2022

Come on in! Grab a drink and chair. Join skeptics, atheists, and freethinkers for stimulating and intriguing conversation.  All are welcome for open discussion, learning, and new friendship.

Your hosts for this event are Richard and Tania.  Look for the table with the KASHA sign or ask the staff where the KASHA table is.

KASHA follows the COVID guidelines laid out by the BC health authorities and therefore will not require vaccination to attend events and activities after 7 April 2022. However, given that many KASHA members are at a higher risk than the general population, it is preferred that attendees be fully vaccinated against COVID 19.

The staff will check your vaccine certificate and ID.

This social meets at Baxter's Pub on the 2nd. Monday and at Chances Casino on the 4th Monday of every month.

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