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Moving Through New Doors in 2017

In a few weeks, another year will be drawing to a close. 2017 was pretty good for me. In my little world, some somewhat significant things happened: my family finally met The Handy-Man; I moved into my own place after living with roommates for four years; I started volunteering at ReStore (Habitat for Humanity); seemingly […]


It’s been a year of reunions in my tiny corner of the universe. Two weeks ago, four of us former employees of XYZ Funeral Chapel gathered at my kitchen table for our third annual reunion. In August, I met with a friend from my past, whom I hadn’t communicated with in over three years. Also […]

A Heartfelt Reply

Recently I received an email/sermon from a somewhat-young-to-middle-aged person in my circle of friends and family members. The email arrived in my inbox not completely out-of-the-blue, because we’d talked briefly on the phone about a week before and we generally do keep in contact somewhat regularly. But the intensity of the message was a surprise to […]


My world has expanded. I am seeing a bigger picture now. There is so much is out there, out in the real world. My focus used to be so narrow!   Those are some of the phrases that I catch myself thinking and saying nowadays, as “post-Christian Tania” who has settled more into this life and is […]

Worship, Replayed?

It stands about three feet to my right as I sit here with my computer and my cup of tea. Until a few weeks ago, I had barely touched it for a year. But now, I am living on my own again, and I have peace and quiet and space. I finally asked My Handyman to fix […]

Re-Visiting Church: A Few Weeks Later

On the first Sunday of April, I went to my “home” church for the first time in over two years. It was my aunt and my uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary that weekend, and a part of the Sunday morning service at church was dedicated to the occasion. I wanted to be there with my family, so […]


GRAVITY Bruce had just turned four on our road trip across the country to settle in Prince George, B.C. He was delighted with our big, new, empty house and his first experience with wall-to-wall carpeting. He whooped and hollered as he ran at top speed until finally he tripped and almost fell…but he caught himself. […]

Re-visiting Church: The Day Before

In about 24 hours, I will step foot into the church that I “took a break from” over two years ago.  I am going there because it is my aunt and my uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary, and this anniversary will be acknowledged during the service with the presentation of a plaque to the celebrating couple. I am filled with mixed […]

Considering the Departure

My job as a housekeeper at the hospital offers some insights into facts of life that are, for many people, quite unfamiliar and uncomfortable. For me, after years of working in hospitals and nursing homes, most of it is not a big deal anymore — the places of aging and sickness and healing, the hospital gowns and […]

Quotes for a Freethinker

 By Tania Kuehn At some point during my late teens, I started collecting quotes– quotes from books, greeting cards, presentations, songs, everywhere and anywhere. I’d write them on scraps of paper and place them in a box, not sure what to do with them. Sometime in my late 20s or so, I re-wrote or glued them into a notebook. I […]