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Secular Values Can Be Islamic Values

I have some trepidation over publishing this article. I’m bound to upset some people. There will be some who think I’m too generous to Hassan and others like him who do not always denounce appalling beliefs held by members of their own community. And there will be others who think I’m being Islamophobic and bigoted […]

Baby Jesus Season

Baby Jesus Season will be here soon. In a few short weeks, people will head out to Christmas church services, concerts, plays, potlucks, perhaps even a carolling session — all of which will be focussed around the birth of the Saviour of the world, the Messiah, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. I used […]

Blythe Nilson

Name: Blythe Nilson Birthplace: Regina, Saskatchewan What type of work have you done? I have worked as a college and university instructor/professor for over 25 years. When I was younger, I worked as a cashier in a drugstore and also as a waitress in a discotheque. How do you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality? […]

Richard Hammell

Name: Richard Hammell Birthplace: Thompson, Manitoba What type of work have you done? I’ve worked mostly as a fabricator, a mechanic, and an electrician. I’ve always ended up fixing things. That’s been the story of my life — fixing things. How would you identify yourself in terms of religion/spirituality? Anti-theist. What are some of your reasons […]

Johanna Faccini

Name: Johanna Faccini Birthplace: Colombia What type of work have you done? I’m a chemical engineer. I have a Master’s degree in environmental engineering, and I was teaching at a university when I was doing my Master’s. Now I am self-employed, and I work in water resources. I’ve also worked as an engineer in the food industry […]

Tania Kuehn

Name:  Tania Kuehn Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba What type of work do you do? I’ve been working in support services (housekeeping, food services, laundry) with Interior Health for almost ten years. In 2012, I took a leave of absence from that job, and I spent most of the year working in a funeral home and crematorium — that […]

Zena Ryder

Name: Zena Ryder Birthplace: Britain What type of work do you do? As well as volunteering on the board of KASHA, I currently volunteer on the board of the local chapter of Dying with Dignity, with the Boys and Girls Club’s restorative justice program, and at the SPCA alongside my son and lots of cats. […]

Dear Pastor

Dear Pastor, I walked by your church again today. I guess that you would call it God’s church, but the thing is, I no longer believe in God. I know, I know…you’re probably shocked. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I no longer consider myself to be a “believer” anymore. […]

Guy King

Name: Guy King Birthplace: London, England What type of work did you do? I’ve had numerous jobs, but no “career.” I worked in real estate for a while, and I had some of my own little businesses. When I was young and fit, I worked as a treeclimber — now we call them “arborists.” That was in New […]